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Salomon 27K  is definitely one of Swedens most beatiful trails, taking the participants from the start in Ottsjö over three mountains; Hållfjället, Grofjället and Välliste to the finish line in Trillevallen.

Elite runners

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You can still request to be part of elite field even if ordinary registration are closed

Course description

NOTE all courses are only preliminary until final decisions have been received from the County Administrative Board and private landowners.

Liquid & Food

Every runner is required to be self-sufficient during the race, carrying their own liquids or refilling along the route.  Support is not necessary, although it is permitted at the two refreshment stations, but not along the actual route.

The Start line is located in the heart of Ottsjö. Toilets and water are available.

The following points serve as refreshment points:

Tobaksdalen 10,5 kmfotograf_anette_andersson_100813_högupplöst_ (238)
Isotonic drinks, water, cinnamon buns, bananas. Refills available for water and isotonic drinks.

Skavhugget  19 km
Isotonic drinks and water. Refills available.

Finish 26,5 km
Variety of food and refreshments available.

Prize Purse


Winner Men and Women 1000€

Winner U23 Men and Women 350€

Chance to win a start at GOLDENTRAIL WORLDCHAMP


General rules

  • All litter, including paper, bottles etc, must be carried until you reach the nearest control station or the finish line.
  • In the event of accident/injury, it is your responsibility to take care of the injured party until help arrives.
  • If a runner wishes to pull out of an event, it is necessary to inform the nearest control station or call the race organisers.
  • Support is not essential, although it is allowed at the four food/drink stations, but not along the route.
  • All runners must be aware of the risk of participating in a race in an environment like this. The race have a security organisation to  act, if someone have a serious injury along the track, to minimize the time of evacuation. But weather and terrain conditions can affect the rescue time. That is why the compulsory equipment are of importance.

Mandatory Equipment

The equipment is compulsory for the safety of the runners during the entirety of the race.

  • Backpack or waistbag
  • First Aid Bandage
  • Compass (Magnetic)
  • Windproof jacket
  • An extra long-sleeve base layer
  • Container for at least 0.5 liter water
  • Whistle
  • Hat & gloves
  • Long windproof trousers*
  • Bib number (obtained by us)
  • Map (obtained by us)
  • Timing chip (obtained by us)

Random kit checks will take place at the finishing line, with time penalties of 15 minutes per item if deemed missing/inadequate.

* The race organisers have the option of removing these items as mandatory if the weather is good. Will be announced the day before race.

Prize purse