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45 km
Elevation Gain
⬈ 1800 m⬊ 1950 m
Start Time

It’s time for the 20th edition of Sweden’s most authentic and prestigious mountain marathon!

Whether you’re a seasoned mountain and trail runner or a fresh-faced newbie, if you are keen to experience something outside of the ordinary and love new sights on your runs, you’re welcome on the startline for a genuine challenge.

To get one of our famous wooden medals, you’ve got to run under “medaljtiden”, which is 5 hr 45 m for men and 6 h 30 for women.

To mark the occasion of our 20th edition, we’re going to make sure that the weeklong Kia Fjällmaraton Årefjällen is extra special. Special invitations will be going out to all former winners as well as those who’ve made repeat appearances over the years.


Confirmed course for 2024

Feed stations

All participants must be self-sufficient throughout the race. This means carrying your own water, refilling at feed stations, or finding natural streams. Support is not permitted along the route – only at the official feed stations.

Umara is the official hydration drink that you’ll find at all our feed stations: 2:1 lemon, with a mixture of 120g/l.

You’ll find water and toilets at the start in Trillevallen.

Here’s a list of the food and water stations on the course:

Edsåsdalen 1 – 10 km
Water, sports drink, bars (Umara), bananas, buns

Edsåsdalen 2 – 23 km
Water, sports drink, bars (Umara), bananas, buns

Tobaksdalen 33.5 km
Water, sports drink, bars (Umara), hot dogs, buns, coffee, bouillon

Hållvallen 38 km
Water, sports drink, bars (Umara), bananas, sweets, crisps, Coca-cola, coffee, bouillon

Finish Ottjsö 45 km
Post-race meal for all finishers