45 km





ITRA International Trail Running Association

2 p


1900 m






Medal time Male: 5h 45min

Medal time Female: 6h 30min

The 7th of August 2021 is set for the seventeenth edition of the race. Since 2015 the course leads runners from the start in Vålådalen over four mountain peaks, Ottfjället, Hållfjället, Grofjället and Välliste, to the finish at Ottsjö village. The course is extremely demanding and offers varied terrain and technical sections. With a distance of 45km and 1900m height gain, there is an immense strain placed on the runners, and finish times are well over the norm for a run of a similar distance. Annual variations of the ground water along the course can impact on finishing times too.
Entries have grown by the years, from 60 entrants in the first year, to over 1000 finishers in the peak of 2016 race. The KIA Fjällmaraton is a running experience that caters to all types of runners, from those who just want to finish the breath-taking course, through to elite athletes in search of an uncompromising challenge.


KARTA KIA Fjällmaraton 45K

Vätska & mat

Every runner is required to be self-sufficient during the race, carrying their own liquids or refilling along the route.  Support is not necessary, although it is permitted at the four refreshment stations, but not along the actual route.

The Start line is located close to the Vålådalen mountain station. Toilets and water are available. The following points serve as refreshment points:

Nordbottnen 16 km

Tobaksdalen Shelter 22 km

Skalknippen 30 km

Ytterstvallen 38 km

Mål 43 km


Allmänna regler

  • All litter, including paper, bottles etc, must be carried until you reach the nearest control station or the finish line.
  • In the event of accident/injury, it is your responsibility to take care of the injured party until help arrives.
  • If a runner wishes to pull out of an event, it is necessary to inform the nearest control station or call the race organisers.
  • Support is not essential, although it is allowed at the four food/drink stations, but not along the route.
  • All runners must be aware of the risk of participating in a race in an environment like this. The race have a security organisation to  act, if someone have a serious injury along the track, to minimize the time of evacuation. But weather and terrain conditions can affect the rescue time. That is why the compulsory equipment are of importance.

Obligatorisk utrustning

Utrustning är till för deltagarnas säkerhet och skall därför medföras med under hela loppet.

  • Mobiltelefon med säkerhetsnumret 070-238 30 56 lagrat
  • Ryggsäck eller midjeväska
  • 1:a förband
  • Kompass (magnetisk)
  • Vindtät jacka
  • Extra långarmad underställströja
  • Behållare för minst 1/2 liter vätska
  • Visselpipa
  • Mössa & vantar
  • Vindtäta byxor*
  • Nummerlappar (Fås av arrangör)
  • Karta (Fås av arrangör)
  • Tidtagningschip (Fås av arrangör)


Slumpvisa kontroller kommer att ske efter målgång. Avsaknad av utrustning bestraffas med tidstillägg, 15 min/sak.

* Kan strykas vid bra väder, detta meddelas kl 14:00 dagen innan loppet.