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200 m
Elevation Gain
⬈ 10 m
Start Time

AGO Sprinten is back at Kia Fjällmaraton! Don’t miss this crowd-pleasing, high-octane, mega lactate fest on Thursday afternoon.

You’ll have to qualify first in the afternoon with an individual time trial to make it through to the semi finals and then ultimately the final. The family-friendly Ottsjö 8K by ICA Åre starts at 18:00 with a huge prize lottery afterwards, so expect lots of support throughout your sprint.

Food will be served all evening – and free for participants – from Undersåkers Charkuterie, plus beer from the Erdinger bar.

Thanks to our 8K partner, ICA Åre, there will be free bus transfers running between Åre and Ottsjö from midday until the evening.

AGO Sprinten – how it works:
– same concept as cross-country ski sprints.
– Qualification sprints at 17:00, seeing the 16 quickest times progress to the next round.
– Two out of each four in the next round of heats will make it through to the final.

Prize money:
First women 3000 SEK
First man 3000 SEK