Tour de Fjällmaraton

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There will be a follow up on the success from last year Tour de Fjällmaraton!

The concept is simple, it is the total running time of all legs that counts, minus bonus seconds if any, in the legs that contain bonus seconds.

Price of honor to the top 3 in ladies and mens class and of course a great deal of prestige to become titel holder of Tour de Fjällmaraton.

Also, the King and Queen of the mountain in the Tour, will be appointed after the summary of the uphill slope in each leg that are included in the mountain race.

Jerseys to indicate the leaders in the ladies and mens class will be appointed from leg 2 and forward. The races included in the Tour de Fjällmaraton are listed below:

Stages 2020

Stage 1

Salomon 27K

Stage 2


Stage 3

Enduro 20K

Stage 4

Peak Pearformance Vertical K

Stage 5

Copper Trail 7K

Stage 6


Stage 7

KIA Fjällmaraton


 Tour de Fjällmaraton – 4 ITRA points