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Overview KIA Fjällmaraton Årefjällen

Overview race center Saturdays in Trillevallen


Take the train to Undersåker station and then we would recommend a taxi in order to reach Trillevallen, Edsåsdalen, Ottsjö or Vålådalen. Phone Taxi Västjämtland  +46 647 104 00. For those arriving by night train on the day of the race, there will be a transfer to the start. Transfer will be available for booking two weeks before the race.

By car

Click this link to plan your trip by car

By flight

Flights to Åre/Östersund airport or Trondheim/Vearnes airport. A rental car directly from the airport is the best option to reach the race locations.


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The free bus transfer to the start of the Salomon 27K, KIA Fjällmaraton and Ulvang Kvartsmaraton  will run from the large car park located below the mountain restaurant at the bottom of Trillevallen’s ski slope.

Participants travelling to Trillevallen by car are advised to use this free bus service. Parking at Trillevallen is the most practical option for you to collect your car after your race. Trillevallen’s Sport Club will be directing traffic and organising shuttles between the finish zone and the car park (roughly a kilometre). There is a cost of 40 SEK for each parked car. 

For those staying at the Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Edsåsdalen or Vålådalen Fjällstation, you will have a free bus transfer to the start directly from your accommodation. Please book these at your hotel reception.

For participants staying elsewhere without access to a car, we offer alternative transfers at a minimum cost, and timings that will ensure that you reach the start of the Salomon 27K.

Transfer tickets must be booked before 4 pm on Friday 26th July. To reserve your place, visit the race website and select ‘hitta hit/transfer’

Salomon 27K   25 juli 2020, start 09.00 Ottsjö     book transfer possible from May

Åre tågstation, 150:-                                                                            07.30

Undersåkers tågstation, 150:-                                                        08.05

Trillevallen, parkeringen vid Ripan, fri transfer       07.45 eller 08.15


Transfer tickets must be booked before 4 pm on Friday 2nd August. To reserve your place, visit the race website and select ‘hitta hit/transfer’

KIA Fjällmaraton   1 Aug 2020, start 09.00 Vålådalen    transfer bookable from May  

Åre tågstation, 150:-                                                                           07.10

Undersåkers tågstation, 150 :-                                                      08.05

Trillevallen, parkeringen vid Ripan, fri transfer                   07.20 el 08.10

Ottsjö, ICA, 100:-                                                                                  08.10

Östra Vålådalen, Vålågården, 100:-                                              08.25


Kvartsmaraton   1 aug 2020, start 10.00 Edsåsdalen   transfer bookable from May

Åre tågstation, 150:-                                                                          08.30

Undersåkers tågstation, 150:-                                                           08.50

Ottsjö, ICA, 150:-                                                                                  09.00

Trillevallen, parkeringen vid Ripan, fri transfer                     08.50



You will find the KIA Fjälltransfer next to the finish zone, where KIA demo cars will take you in one of two directions:

1: Åre, with an optional drop-off at Undersåker Train Station

2: Ottsjö

For those staying at:

Vålådalens Fjällstation

Copperhill Mountain Lodge


Enquire directly at your accommodation’s reception for specific information and transfer timings to get you from the finish zone back to your lodgings.