Fjällmaraton 100K

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Fjällmaraton 100K,  100 km 3500m elevation.

With the sixteenth edition of Fjällmaraton it is time to extend the week with a true ultra distance race over 100 km.

The course will take the runner over the best parts of the Fjällmaraton trails and also includes the spectacular “Ridvadet” where you actually run across a lake.

The Fjällmaraton 100K is a running experience that caters to all types of runners, from those who just want to finish the breath-taking course, through to elite athletes in search of an uncompromising challenge.

Prize Money

Place Prize Money (USD)
Men Women
1 $5000 $5000
2 $2500 $2500
3 $1000 $1000
4 $600 $600
5 $300 $300

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 Fjällmaraton 100K gives 4 ITRA points