KIA Fjällmaraton

Since Fjällmaraton began in 2005 with just 60 participants, trail running has exploded in Sweden. The Fjällmaraton 2016 sold out its 1,000 start positions on the same day that entries opened. If that happens again 2019 we have already added 100 international entries for you runners from outside Sweden.

Klunga m trumslagare_liggande

Today, KIA Fjällmaraton Årefjällen has grown into a full week of trail running events. Alongside the full distance main event, the KIA Fjällmaraton, there is a Salomon 27K, Välliste Runt, Quarter marathon, Vertical K, Copper Trail 7K, a Sprint race and children’s races, running between the 27th of July and the 3th of August.

Let 2019 be your welcome to the Swedish mountains!

Fjällmaraton 2019

Fjällmaraton have three concepts to choose between, Lundhags Öppet Fjäll, KIA Fjällmaraton Årefjällen och Buff Bydaslfjällen.  The new thing of the year 2019 will be the Tour de Fjällmaraton during KIA Fjällmaraton Årefjällen, which means a 90 km stage race with 6 stages during 8 days. Be a part of the mountain running festival KIA Fjällmaraton Årefjällen…

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